Stephanie Frank Singer was born and raised in Washington DC, where she attended public elementary and junior high schools. She spent two years at the National Cathedral School for Girls before continuing on to Yale University, where she graduated with a bachelors degree in Mathematics. After a year of graduate study in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University she moved to New York University where she obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics.

First Career: Academia

Singer was on the faculty at Haverford College for eleven years, during which time she created and taught courses, wrote several research papers and her first book on symmetry in physics, and earned tenure in the Mathematics Department. After her departure she finished a second book on symmetry in quantum mechanics.

Second Career: Data Scientist/Entrepreneur

Singer owned and ran two businesses, Campaign Scientific and Wise Acre Real Estate. One provided custom data work to political organizations and small businesses. The other provided education, support and research for real estate investors. She also worked at AthenianRazak as a Data Strategist.

Third Career: Elections and Government Data Expert

After many years of volunteer work on election-related issues (including prompting the Pennsylvania Department of State to lower its voter file price to $20 from $1340 and prompting the Philadelphia County Board of Elections to release its raw election results data in electronic form), Singer won a seat on the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, where she served from 2012-2016. In the election she defeated a thirty-six year incumbent with a history of corruption and nepotism. Her work in office included introducing "I Voted Today" stickers at all Philadelphia polling places and playing a critical role in proving the unconstitutionality of Pennsylvania's Voter Photo ID law, which was enacted in 2012 but ruled unconstitutional in 2014.

After leaving elected office in early 2016, Singer has worked on a variety of data science and election-related projects, including work with the City of San Francisco and the City of Jackson, MS, funded by the Knight Foundation. She worked on election verification projects in the for-profit (Free & Fair), nonprofit (Verified Voting) and government (Orange County Registrar of Voters) sectors. In 2019 she joined the faculty of the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. 

Last updated June 2021.